Conference and Seminar

Confergo events is well known as a successful Conference and Seminar Organisers in Delhi/NCR . As a Conference and Seminar Organisers, we know the important elements those should be incorporated in the event. We make proper arrangements such as spacious place, stage, comfortable seats, installation of high quality projection screens with premium grade music systems, and a decent ambiance of formal meeting. our company is well renowned firm and renders the services at very reasonable rates. As a successful Conference and Seminar Organizer, we are known as reputed conference organizers in INDIA

We provide the following services related to seminars and conferences:

  • Projectors
  • Audio & video equipment
  • Led walls
  • LCD Screens
  • Stage, Backdrop and all necessary production material
  • Manpower
  • Standies
  • Podium
  • Mimicrophones
  • Delegate Kit (Bag,Folder, Notepad & Pen)
  • Delegate Badges - Designing, Printing, Lamination & Plastic Badges

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

CONFERGO Events is a leading exhibition management and organizer company in Delhi and NCR, catering to all aspects of event and exhibition management.
Creating a perfect exhibition is crucial when a business is trying to build a successful marketing strategy. Imaginative architecture and spectacular displays can produce as much hype as any salesman and at CONFERGO Events we are expert in creating stunning visual effects.
Our exhibition stands are usually constructed in modular form for ease of use and portability, and can be fabricated in conjunction with pop-up stands and computer displays. They are all built to the highest industry standards while ensuring that all fire, health and safety regulations strictly are observed.
For larger exhibitions, our events department can craft spectacular sets incorporating cutting edge materials and original design features that will solidify your company’s position as market leader.
As a leading exhibition management and organizer company in Delhi and NCR, CONFERGO Events sees Exhibitions and Trade Shows as one of the best way for our customers to market products. We have the technology to deliver dynamic, multi-platform solutions tailored to our customer’s needs, we have many leading product brands in the various markets we work in and, due to our focus on operational efficiency and excellent management, we are highly respected by our clients.
We are committed to establishing an interactive business platform amongst players for focused industries aiming at enhancing their overall images and helps in trade promotion. CONFERGO Events is a Professional Exhibition Organizer Company in Delhi NCR, which dares to take up challenges to organize exhibitions and trade shows for focused industries.


MICE Events

CONFERGO Events is one of the leading MICE planners in the market. We have eventologists, with years of experience in MICE industry. CONFERGO Events is a Professional MICE Planner that constantly gives services according to the expectations and wishes of our clients. We have also successfully been serving the needs of corporates, professional associations and government agencies. We are committed to perform your meetings, incentives events, conferences and exhibitions successfully with our professional teams. Our services are involving the organizing, setting & designing. Within a span over nine years CONFERGO Events has gained very rich experience & insight of MICE by providing outstanding, unmatched and personalized MICE services to our clients. CONFERGO Events is known for successfully planning and conducting the MICE event. CONFERGO Events offers high quality and reliable services to the clients at very nominal charges. CONFERGO Events is one of the best MICE organizers in Delhi.


When you plan an event through CONFERGO Events, you can be sure of one thing: You are not alone. Every tool you’ll need from planning to execution will be serving to you. Either you are planning a single corporate board meeting or a multi-city nationwide series of medical dinner meetings or a gala event. CONFERGO Events helps you to plan and arrange for all the meeting logistics as per your requirements. CONFERGO Events provides MICE services in Delhi India.


Incentive Events for the employees are organized to give them recognition and reward for their hard work, dedication and commitment to accomplish their job-related task. There are limitless possibilities and types of Incentive Events that CONFERGO Events can organize for your company throughout the year like: Dinner and Theater, Holidays Parties, Private Parties, Music Festival, etc. Our Incentive Events are amazing way to compensate their employees for hard work. CONFERGO Events concentrates on the nitty-gritty for every activities, so that we can satisfy our customer fully. As one of the best event management company in Delhi NCR, we offer the most competitive rates in the event management industry. We are one of the Best Mice planner Delhi NCR.


We offer a wide range of creative, administrative, and logistic services to facilitate the successful execution of your program, conference or event through every step of planning and implementation. CONFERGO Events can organize print work, abstracts, publications, computer hire, audio visual displays, sets and signage, etc. Every aspect of your event will be managed with skilled precision – all elements being co-ordinated by our dedicated staff. We understand the diverse needs of an organizer and always strive to deliver uniqueness to an event and exceed client’s expectations and we also believe in executing them flawlessly. Nowadays the demand for the conference event is very varied in size, length and purpose and companies are seeking unique venues for their business meetings, events, conferences, etc.


If you are looking for Best Exhibition Management Company in Delhi NCR, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to help companies in expansion stage. CONFERGO Events understands the market condition and works closely with venues, local service providers. Our exhibition stands are usually constructed in modular form for ease of use and portability, and can be fabricated in conjunction with pop-up stands and computer displays. They are all built to the highest industry standards while ensuring that all fire, health and safety regulations strictly are observed. CONFERGO Events believes in philosophy of making exhibition a most viable and cost effective mode of business activity with perfect blend of best manufacturers and potential industry buyers from around the world. We have teams of dedicated professionals having a vast experience from Event Management, Advertising, and Marketing & Corporate Selling.

Product Launches

At CONFERGO Events, we understand that a product launch represents a unique opportunity to maximize publicity, promotional exposure and market penetration. For this reason, and because a new product can only be launched once – the production and execution must be perfect. In order to create such a spectacular introductory showcase, a detailed understanding of the product is essential. Our event managers will work tirelessly with your company to create both set, stage and display material that reflects the new product’s market niche. From print work and original exhibition stands, to wireless internet connections and decorations – every aspect of the event will be flawless. Using the latest lighting techniques and indoor pyrotechnics devices, we will not only create a dramatic product reveal, but also maintain the audience’s attention by having a pro-active stage crew and a stunning presentation team.